Hey!! You might be wondering what’s there with good morning messages. If you thought the same, then hey, hifi! But I didn’t know that good morning messages can be this fun until I started listing them down. So, you will learn some thirty realistic and cute ways to greet your man in the morning and make his day memorable. Most of this might suit women too.

So, let’s see all those thirty cute greetings for your man.
(Try some statements like this. But, you need to add ‘my’ before that. For example, Good morning, my sunshine, good morning, my popcorn. You can go crazy with names, just to trigger his curiosity to know all the names you are going to keep for him.)
2. Good morning honey.

Can’t wait to make the best out of this day with you. Good morning.
Tell me what do you want on this amazing day. Coffee or my hugs and kisses?

(Try this when you are making coffee for him, and he enters the kitchen with a sleepy face)
5. Good morning (The name you usually call him), but not feeling to wake up. So fall back to bed, let’s cuddle a little more.
(When he tries you wake you up, you can try this.)
6. Babe, got a busy day!! So wake up man, I can’t go out without getting my morning kisses.
(Try this when you are rushing to the office, but still, he is sleeping. This reminds him how much you love his kisses)
7. Good morning. It’s another day to brew our love. But before that, let’s brew it with some coffee.
(Have a cup of his morning coffee and sit beside him in the bed. Wake him up by saying this statement. Also, I guess you can try this when you need to convince him.)
8. Good morning…. But your cute face is not making me come out of bed.
(Try some statements like this when you want to start a flirty day.)
9. Looks like someone got a hectic schedule but still sleeping. Wake up; life is calling.
(To wake him up on his busy days.)
10. Good morning, but if you wanna cuddle, let’s ask the Sun to pause raising. (He might ask you why you need to pause the sun raise) Because under the Moon, you are always with me. If Sun raises, the day starts, and we’ll hurry up to the office.

Aren’t we cute, from sharing good morning texts to sharing cuddles in the morning?
(Try this statement when you wanna make him grateful for you both staying together)
12. Shake him (but not harshly) and wake him up. (He might ask you why you need to wake him this hurridly) I am waiting for your morning greetings to start my day.
13. Even though the raised Sun is blazing now, I can see the Moon beside me.
(Try this to make him blush)
14. Good morning. Promise me you will let me concentrate in my work. (He might ask you when did he disturb your work) Because you are always doing some crazy things inside my mind and I cannot concentrate on my work.
(Try this when you want him to be felt special.)
15. I have a big to-do list today, and you are looking damn cool beside me. What should I do now? Admire you or start my day?
(Again, try this to make him blush)
16. Hey, I am on some emergency, (What?) My cuddles and kisses immediately wanna hit you.
(Try this with a hasty face. This might make him smile.)
17. Good morning. But, before proceeding, tell me how do you look this cute even with this messy hair.
(Try this when you both are in bed and lazy to wake up)
18. Hey, I don’t wanna stop yesterday’s date night. So, shall we extend it for some more time?
(Try this to acknowledge that he made you happy)
19. Good morning!! Tell me how’s your gorgeous bundle (you) looking today.
(Try this when you are all set to start your day)
20. Hey, you forgot something. (what?) Your morning greetings and my kisses.
(Try this when you want his morning kisses)
21. Yay, it’s Saturday morning. We got an amazing to-do list on the bed.
Good morning, but still, if you have that sleepy face, then there are chances for you to get my tight and deep….. (Pause it)
(Try this to turn his curiosity and don’t complete the statement. You both might end up with a cute conversation.)
23. Good morning, but I don’t wanna wake up from your arms.
(Try this when he wants to wake you from your cuddles)
24. Sometimes I don’t want mornings. Because now I want you to cuddle me all day.
(Try this is to get more cuddles.)
25. Babe, I know you are still thinking about last night. But, hey, you gotta more work to do today.
(Try this to remind him about your last night)
26. It’s another day to admire my happy bundle (him) so wake up….. Your babe is calling….
(Try this to remind him that you admire him)
27. Okay..don’t become a competition toSunn. (He might ask you why you are saying this) Because when people are admiring the Sunrise now, I am admiring you. And you look hotter than Sun.
(Try this to make him blush)
28. Immediately wake up now. (Say this with a little loud voice. He might ask you ‘why’) Because when you sleep, you are looking so cute, but I am having a lot of works (he might be confused with what you are speaking). When I am admiring you, I am forgetting time is running. So wake up and do some work so that I, too, will complete my work without admiring your cute sleepy face.
(Try this when you want to wake him up with some cute vibe)
29. If you aren’t throwing out the dustbins, your morning kisses might turn to morning bites. Understood? So, stop driving me to a romantic mood. Got to do a lot of work today.
(Try this when he becomes your cute morning distraction)
30. Good morning. I just wonder if someone can look this cute while brushing with this sleepy face.
(Try this statement when you just woke up and see him brushing with his sleepy face)
You are some realistic morning greetings for your man. But, hey, beyond all these statements, all you first need is to love your partner more. They are there are for you. They got your back. Always admire them.
And mean what you say. These are just the ideas for you to create more cute memories. You know your relationship more. You know your partner more. So, you can customize these statements as per your relationship terms.
If you are staying till the end of this article, you might have someone in your mind. So, I wish you all the best in your happy relationship.
If you are single, your cupid is throwing the arrow towards you. So remember these ideas, as they might help you in the future when you get your partner!!
Comment down which was your favorite statement. I am curious to know it!!!

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