50+ Romantic Topics to Talk about with Your Girlfriend

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you want to impress your girlfriend with the best date ever. You’re thinking of all sorts of romantic things to do together on this special day, but what are some topics that you two can discuss?

Here are topics to get the conversation going:

Romantic topics to talk about with your girlfriend-

·         How did you meet?

·         What is your favorite thing about each other?

·         Who would play us in a movie?

·         What is one thing we should never do again as a couple?

·         What is something we agreed not to talk about again as a couple (e.g., religion)?

·         What are the best places to spend a romantic date?

·         Do women like men who fish for compliments more than women who don’t?

·         Does Valentine’s Day make you nervous or shy away from your partner?

·         What is the first date you remember going on?

·         Do we have any Valentine’s traditions that make us feel special to each other?

·         What are some romantic things my girlfriend does for me every day?

·         How can I be more seductive and amorous towards her?

·         Do women like men who fish for compliments or do they prefer men who don’t?

·         What is the first date you remember going on?

·         Do we have any Valentine’s traditions that make us feel special to each other?

·         What are some romantic things my girlfriend does for me every day?

·         Do women like men who fish for compliments more than women who don’t?

·         What are your favorite things to do together in the evenings 

·         What is your favorite thing about each other 

·         Do you have any hobbies that you enjoy doing together, like cooking or watching Netflix 

·         Have you ever tried new food and loved it because of what the other person said about it first 

·         What’s one thing that really stresses you out but makes sense when they explain why they did it and how they felt afterward (i.e., not being able to get a parking spot)

·        Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone with friends/family members, and why

·         Which celebrity would you want to date and why

·         What is the best gift you’ve ever received from a significant other, and what made it so special

·         What are some of your favorite things about wintertime, or summertime for that matter – does anything make these seasons are more enjoyable than others

·         Do you have any plans for this weekend, what do you have planned and how excited are you about it 

·         What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date in three words (or less)

·         What do you like best about me? – what would you change if you could

·         Where are we going to live when we get married

·         If I were to die tomorrow, what would be my most important accomplishment in life

·         What is your favorite thing that I wear 

·         When did you first realize that you loved me 

·         How long can a person stay underwater without breathing before they drown and die

·         What is your favorite thing to do on a date with me

·         What was the last movie you watched together

·         Do you ever think about what our future will be like

·         If I could give you one piece of advice, what would it be

·         Who is your best friend and why are they such an important person in your life  

·         How did we meet for the first time and how did that feel at the time

·         When was the last time we kissed or held hands

·         Have there been any times when I said something hurtful to you

·         What are some things that make us laugh together

·         Would you rather stay home all day or go out running errands

·         What’s my most annoying habit

·         Do you think we have enough money saved up for retirement

·         Is there anything else we need to talk about before going to sleep tonight

·         Where do want to live after college

·         Which one of these questions should we ask each other more often

·         Why don’t I just tell them everything right now

·          Am I being too needy

·          Are they trying to avoid talking about this

·         Does this seem like a good idea

What is the Benefit of Romantic Talks with Your Girlfriend

When you and your girlfriend talk on a romantic level, it leads to more intimacy and a better relationship. You’re able to learn more about each other and what you like/dislike in the other person.

Talk about what you like or dislike about each other, talk about past events together, talk about your future aspirations and more. Share with one another your favorite things or what you like to do together as a couple.

You’ll feel closer and more in tune with each other if you share some of the romantic topics here!

The Most Romantic Thing You Have Done for Your Girlfriend:

I have always loved surprising my girlfriend with romantic gestures. I’ll buy her flowers or some other thoughtful gift and leave them on the table when she comes home from work.

I also love setting up a nice dinner for us at home, lighting candles, and playing soft music in the background as we eat together.

It’s important to make your significant other feel special and loved. Sometimes, a romantic gesture is all that’s needed to have your partner feeling cherished for the entire day!

The Best Romantic Gift I’ve Given My Girlfriend:

I bought her an antique ring from my family jewelry box that has been passed down through generations. She was so surprised when she opened it on our first Valentine’s Day together.

A moment like that can last a lifetime and is something our children will see someday. It was definitely the best Valentine’s gift I’ve given her so far!

The Best Romantic Gift My Girlfriend HasGiven Me:

She got me tickets to my favorite band’s concert for our first anniversary. The look on my face was priceless when I opened the present.

I’m not much for gifts so it really meant a lot to me that she put in all of this work and thoughtfulness into something special for me! It made our relationship even stronger than before if you can believe it.

It’s easy to think about what your girlfriend may want as a gift, but I think it’s important to get something that you know she wants and enjoys. It’ll make her feel loved!

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