Honeymoon Road Trip Ideas In Australia

Ben is currently planning his wedding and honeymoon, with the Australian road trip top of his list of potential holiday experiences. Ben has heard about great deals for car hire in Australia which will enable him and his bride to see a lot of the country during their trip.
It might be many years when you’re old and grey before you take the plunge, or you might never have the opportunity to take an Australian road trip again, so why not make the most of it, on your Honeymoon! There’s a big history in Australia surrounding driving holidays and honeymoons. Back in the 50′, 60’s and 70’s couples would take a road trip to some romantic destination because airfares were greatly expensive and not popular with an average working-class population at the time. Caravan holidays were also big and not surprisingly, many old retro vans are now back on the scene as the nostalgic era of Australian road travel is re-kindled.

Whichever route you choose, with some quick research you’ll find great places to stay and eat, and will have an experience you’ll never forget, that’s also totally Australian.
Most of us will only go on honeymoon once, so it is important to make the first few weeks of our married life count, particularly as for many it will probably be the most expensive holiday they ever take, too. Around the world, there are countries and destinations known for their suitability for honeymoons. Australia is most definitely one of these places. However, the big issue with Australia is that the country is big, and it leaves you facing the question of exactly where you’re going to go.
The easy way to solve the problem is to go to more than one place; which means a road trip. Here are our three favorite Australian driving routes, as well as some examples of places to stay, eat, and things to see along the way. Oh by the way; there’s no reason you can’t fly to a location and travel back, or utilize a hire vehicle for a specific part of your journey, for example, 4WD to Fraser Island in Queensland.
So to get you thinking, here are a few popular examples we’re throwing your way:
This is the big one, driving north to south right through the famous Red Centre of Australia. Get our Google map and make sure you include a visit to Kakadu National Park. Locations like this are a “must-see” and, if possible, you should look to spend a few days there. The park has cabins, or you can park up and stay free of charge if you’re in a campervan.
The main focus of this route, however, is Uluru. The National Park there isn’t particularly big, so you can drive here and spend an afternoon and take in an overnight stay, complete with the hospitality from the Aboriginal people who live in the area. That means you’ll enjoy a barbecue as well as local delicacies, while those who organize tours in the area have also ensured you can enjoy champagne by sunset.
Throughout the rest of the route, you’ll encounter small villages and more camping areas, but nothing of real note until you reach Adelaide.
The focus of this route is the Great Ocean Road. Although the road itself runs from Warrnambool to Torquay, the entire route between the two larger cities is magnificent and provides breath-taking views every mile along the road.
Our favorite place on the route is Apollo Bay, close to Great Otway National Park and one of the southernmost points in Australia. Although a small coastal village, there are several amazing places to stay and eat in Apollo Bay. The Bayside Gardens, on the way out of the town towards Melbourne, is the best accommodation on offer, whether you’re just staying overnight or plan to spend a few days there.
While the beachfront road is filled with restaurants, checking out the side streets is, as usual, worth doing. Here, you’ll find the Dragon Bay Inn Chinese Restaurant, as well as the Monsoon Bar and Takeaway. If you can’t pull yourself away from the coast, then try Buffs Bistro.
Another great drive for checking out the coast is this one; the road is almost on the beach for most of the journey! It is the quintessential right of passage for any Australian and passes through Port Macquarie on the heading North from Sydney. “Fort Mac” is a fantastic town with excellent honeymoon credentials of its own. Stay at The Observatory Hotel, which offers views of the town, the park, the beach, and the ocean; the choice is yours! It is also close to the main attractions of Port Macquarie but a little outside of the main center. The Blue Water Bar & Restaurant is a real luxurious, exclusive feeling place that is perfect for honeymoon dining. If you’re looking for something less upmarket, however, but still great tasting, then the Zebu Bar and Grill, just a short walk from our accommodation suggestion, is definitely worth a visit.
Stopping off at places like Coffs Harbour and exploring the magnificent surrounding areas like Bellingen and the Dorrigo Plateau. South West Rocks, Yamba, Lenox Head, Byron Bay, and Cabarita, are all places of significant interest and beauty that should not be missed. There are too many to mention, so you need to research places on a map prior to setting your plan in place.
Best of all, there are so many romantic locations just minutes off the highway, you can have the most wonderful experience full of surprises that will last a lifetime. You never know, might also find a great place to live and raise a family.
So there you have it! Go see Australia and consider taking a road trip for your honeymoon.

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