Overseas Education Consultants In Cochin

Overseas education consultants play a vital role while students opt to study outside their country. Studying overseas is a big decision and it brings a lot of challenges for the student and the parent. It involves preparing for language tests, getting documents ready, applying for visas, admissions, and many more tasks. An overseas education consultant helps students and parents take care of these tasks with ease.
When you are making the decision about going to college overseas and it is a big step. You will have to make a lot of decisions that could change your future. These decisions can be life-changing so they need to be made carefully. An Overseas education consultant will be able to give you the right advice on this matter.

Overseas Education Consultants: Brief
The work of an Overseas education consultant starts from the counseling and helps in finalizing the country, the course, and the university. But their role is not limited to this but they offer a plethora of services.
Services Offered by Overseas Education Consultants
Overseas education consultants are affiliated institutions with 1000s of universities, colleges and they help students and parents fulfill their study abroad dreams.
Test Preparation
If you are traveling from a non-English speaking country then you have to take the English test. The aim of the test is to make you fluent in English both orally and written. These English Proficiency Tests are
● IELTS- International English language Testing System
● TOEFL iBT- Test of English as Foreign Language
● PTE- Pearsons English Language Test
Apart from these English language tests, students require to appear for any one of the entrances. These tests are designed to test the logical, analytical, quantitative, and aptitude of a student.
● SAT- Scholastic Aptitude Test
● ACT- American College Testing
● GRE- Graduate Records examination
● GMAT- Graduate Management Aptitude Test
An Overseas education consultant helps you prepare for these entrances and tests. A popular Overseas education consultant in Cochin like Suregrow is in the field for long years now and they give you the ultimate tips for students to qualify for these tests.

Career Counseling
Choosing the right courses is of paramount importance. An overseas education consultant counsels students and parents to suggest the best possible career for them. They have seen 100s of cases over the years and know what works and what does not work.
These consultants help a student choose the right course in the right country for a successful career.
Career counseling is the act of helping people to choose a profession. It is a complex process, which can be broken down into three phases – analysis, advice, and action. Career counselors use different methods to help clients understand their aptitudes and their personality, to find the right job for them. The process of career counseling usually involves several steps.
They analyze your current situation and define goals for work. Then they make up a plan for finding the right job for you, including skills development and training courses. Finally, they help you take action and follow your chosen plan.

Popular Courses
Overseas education consultants have a network of thousands of colleges, universities, and other institutions in different countries. They can tell you what are the subjects or courses that are in trend popular. The most popular courses are the best ones to target.
These courses are so popular because getting a job after completing them is high. They are in demand and most of the students want to pursue them

Admission Guidance
After you finalize the course and the country you want to study, it’s time for the admissions. An education consultant helps you guide through the admission process starting from filling up the online applications to getting the admission confirmation letter.
They also help in getting a scholarship or stipend if there is any possibility. They are affiliates of most universities and colleges and the chances of getting an admission ins high.

Finance Assistance
Studying overseas can be expensive according to the course and the country you choose. While there are some countries like Germany, Norway, Taiwan, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Malaysia, and South Africa where the cost of education is very cheap compared to India.
But in some countries like the US, UK, Australia, France, and other European Countries the cost of a study abroad plan can be in crores.
Education consultants can help you finance your dreams through a bank loan. They are in touch with these banks and will help you secure a loan easily.

Travel Assistance
It is not easy to travel to a new country without any preparation. Study overseas Education consultants help students prepare for international travel. They give them safety tips, travel guidance, things to do, and things not to do while in a foreign land. Though they have colleagues in those countries to help you in case of emergencies it is always better to play safe.

Forex Assistance
You need foreign currency to pay drivers, pay for food, and a lot of other stuff. Overseas education consultants help you get your money exchanged at better rates. Though parents or students can do it by themselves doing it through an education consultant will fetch you better exchange rates. They are tied with many foreign exchange companies like Western union, Visymo, and more.
Visa Assistance
One of the key aspects of a study abroad plan is visa assistance. Securing a visa is of paramount importance and without a visa, you can not stay or study abroad. These education consultants help students starting from online application filling, mock interviews, getting all documents ready, and tips to make your visa application a success.

Conclusion –  If you want to study abroad and choose the right overseas education consultants, they will help you with your needs. Not everyone chooses to study overseas for education. If you are one of those who wish to live and study overseas, then find the most reputed overseas education consultant and take their help.

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