Selena Gomez Biography, Age, Height and Career

Selena Gomez is a world-famous American singer, and she is a trendy and demanding public figure. She has born on 22ndJuly 1992; apart from signing, she also made her career in acting and producing. Her current age is 28yers but doesn’t look like 28. She has born in brought up in Texas. She started her career with television series for kids: Barney and Friends(2002-2004). She had received an award when she was in her teenage age for a famous Disney channel series call Wizards of Waverly Place (2007–2012). She is not only successful also she is an incredible woman, at a little age only she started her career and succeed too. She is famous for her pop singing, and she has done her first movie in 2008, a Cinderella Story. Some other famous movies are Princess Protection Program, Wizards of wavey place, Ramona and Beezus, MonteCarlo, SpringBreakers, etc.

Apart from all these movies, she has released three albums through her brand: Kiss and Tell, A year without rain, and When the sun goes down. People are very much obsessed with her, and she has 123 million followers on Instagram. The obsession with her is going on the next level, and her fans are also very loyal. She is also having the world’s most-followed people on her Instagram by knowing that she has not released any musical album after 2015. People are not only curious about her life but also about her age. Many people search on the internet about her age. Her personal life also made history when she got engaged with Justin Bieber in 2010. They released their first music album in 2010, and during that time, they fall in love with each other. However, their relationship doesn’t run for long. After her break up on 14thMay 2019, she has announced at the Cannes film festival that she will get married to Bill Murray. It was shocking news for her fan and everyone because Bill Murray and Selena Gomez have 40yers age differences. Selena Gomez has declared that they both share a perfect bond, and they are pleased together. Bill Murray is an American actor and a writer too, and they both appea that they have learned many things from each other.

She is a powerful woman, and people like her so much because she is very down-to-earth. The reason to call her a strong woman not only for her successful career also when she broke up with Justin Bieber; he got married within two months to a different girl. But that time, instead of getting pissed of, Selena was posting her chilling-out photos with her friends on social media. This behavior of her shows that she is mentally also strong. She is always very open about the struggle of her life and about her mental health. She is never getting afraid of the public when she was performing after her breakup during her performance, she was crying in front of the crowd. She said I am sorry, but how couldn’t I relate myself to that. She is always full of life, and her personality attracts people. She has a perfect heart. She often donates, and she has planned to donate $100 million to the mental health initiative. She is very much pretty and cuter. Her song might not top on the chart, but those songs are very famous. Some of her favorite songs are the same old love, Good for you, Lose you to love me, Come & get it, Fetish, Rare, Taki Taki, etc. She is an incredible woman with a pure heart

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