Top Ice Cream Parlor in Radaur

 Are you looking for the best ice-cream parlor in the vibrant city of Radaur? Well your search for having your favorite delicacy ends here. Ice cream is undoubtedly a go-to dessert for every Indian and HF super ice cream in Radaur is undoubtedly the best choice of every local-ite!

This decade old ice cream joint was established in 2005 with Chanakya Bakery private Ltd. and Chanakya Bakery products private Ltd. selling outstanding milk products under the brand of HF super with a handling capacity of 2.5 liters per day. No sooner did the people witnessed their quality products, the brand handled the capacity of 5 litres per day from 2.5 litres

Not just the dairy, Chanakya Bakery products gained popularity amongst the people by serving high quality bakery products. One of the best aspects of choosing this brand over the others is untouched production of eatables like breads with hygiene standards intact.
Why is HF super ice cream better than the rest?
This brand is inarguably the best one, but is it better than the rest? Their motive is to serve you with best quality ice cream products at affordable prices. They constantly review their products and make them with love for their customers. You can also go through their website to read reviews of their satisfied clients and witness the legacy of this brand.

Why is HF super ice cream popular in Radaur?
What do you look for in an ice cream? Proper balance of milk and sugar. This brand provides you with the perfect portion of everything that you’re looking for. From cones, sticks, and cups to tubs and bricks, you name it and you get it. No matter if you have a sweet tooth, or you’re a diet freak, the diverse range of flavors are surely going to smitten you.
What are the best-selling ice cream flavors of the brand?
HF ice cream is known for its high class dairy and bakery products, but what comes out
of the blue is their wide range of ice creams. Cassata, rajwadikulfi, kesarpista, nuts,
black current, and many more delectable flavors welcomes you for a lavish treat. You
have a chilled icy wonder for every mood of yours at HF super.
Relive your childhood days with a chilled stick of orange bar and jaljeera, or a huge tub of iced goodness, they have got your wish list covered with their wide array of heavenly goodness.Their USP is the fresh and hygienic ice creams for you.
Super-fast delivery of HF super ice cream in Radaur
What’s better than going out and eating your favorite ice cream? Getting it delivered at your doorstep! Yes, you read it right. To maintain the safety of yourself and family, this top ice cream brand has partnered with this website to provide you your favorite delicacy conveniently. Call on 9996572575 and reach out to the owner of Prahlad Moudgil website and book the flavor of your choice!
Smooth payment facility
Prahlad Moudgil website- your one-stop destination in Raduar!
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