Virgo and Aries Compatibility

 Fire, the zodiac element of Aries and earth, Virgo’s zodiac element makes the combination difficult. However, some qualities are still there in the pairing. Both the mates are truthful. Magnetism occurs between the couple but the relationship does not promise to be a long term relationship.

The virgin could sometimes irritate the Ram with her constant nagging and criticism. Being naturally organized, the Virgo could find the impulsive Aries mate to be careless. The Virgo believes in probing into the matter before coming to any conclusion, whereas the Arian decides first and then ponders the consequences.

The two features which Virgo lacks in his persona, energy, and spark, are added to his/her life by the Arian mate. The Arian would be dedicated to her companion and would become an undying devotee of his/her intelligence. The fiery sign Aries can make the Virgo feel secure in his company due to its aggressive and possessive behavior.

The independent behavior of the free bird Arian would build more confidence in her Virgo comrade which could result in a high Virgo and Aries compatibility.

There is a huge contrast between the temperaments of both mates as one is impetuous and volatile while the other is stable, self-controlled, and practical. Moreover, the spendthrift nature of the Ram could clash with the cautious Virgo and further reduce their Virgo and Aries compatibility.


 In, the initial stages of the relationship, both the mates will find a spark in their life. However, after some time the sparks would fade and strains would appear. The organized nature of the man could make the woman feel bored as she believes in living in the moment and is spontaneous.  The only advantage that the companions can get from the relation is that there would be an understanding between them, and the man would respect her and her goals. The adventurous attitude of the Arian could never be her man’s cup of tea. However, the pairing could result in a high Virgo and Aries compatibility if both the partners try to bridge the gap.


The rule-following Virgo woman’s criticism of her man could be the main reason behind the downfall of their relationship.  The fiery nature of the man could be the cause of her regular nagging. The competitive and aggressive nature of the man makes him dominate the woman and the woman would have no problem allowing her man to take the lead in their relationship. The woman may seem confident, but she needs a person on whom she can depend and her Aries man enjoys completing his responsibilities himself.

A slight change in behavior to remove their misunderstandings and egoistic conflicts could make their Virgo and Aries compatibility high.

In a nutshell, it can be observed that:

·         The totally opposite The temperaments of both mates make it difficult for them to adjust.

·         However, the smart, possessive and courageous attitude of the Arian could attract the Virgo mate.

·         Slight improvements in understanding and small changes can do miracles to their Virgo and Aries compatibility.

Rating compatibility between the two, it can be said that it’s SATISFACTORY.

Capricorn Love Compatibility

Capricorn compatibility holds that these people are very unpredictable rarely however mostly they are predictable. Capricorn people have the tendency that when they make mistakes they accept them and do their best to recover the problems. Capricorn compatibility tells that after realizing their mistakes they always try to avoid repeating the same mistakes again and again.

Capricorn compatibility claims that it is very difficult to judge any Capricorn person at the first meeting because they don’t show their inner self to others in the first meeting; they take time to open up. Capricorn people are sometimes shy and passive. Once you succeed in understanding them then these people are unproblematic to go with.

Furthermore, according to Capricorn compatibility, these people are very determined and they have the potential to achieve their goals. These people don’t share their feelings or targets with others. Capricorn compatibility illustrates that these people sometimes want to be dominated in a relationship.

Capricorn compatibility tells that these people have strong intellectual skills which help them to have a successful life. According to Capricorn compatibility, these people have strong sexual emotions. Capricorn compatibility illustrates that these people want the equal contribution of their love partner in sexual and common life.

Capricorn people are very faithful to their relationships and committed to their promises. Capricorn compatibility explains that since these people are very loyal to their relationships so they always desire to have a loyal partner and love to have a long-term relationship.

 Capricorn compatibility tells that they care for their love partner intensely and want the same level of affection in return. Capricorn people always think hundred times before making any decision about any issue in life, no matter the issue is how big or small; they want to do things perfectly.

Capricorn compatibility holds that these people have very good surveillance skills. They prefer to monitor everything instead of getting into it. Capricorn compatibility further elaborates that it is very difficult to get nearer to any Capricorn person but once you succeed in doing so then he and his feelings would be all yours.

Capricorn people are uninteresting because of their quiet and individual nature however that is not true. To understand them completely and making any decision about Capricorn people you first need to get closer to them.

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