What is Love? A detailed Guide about Love

Love has been a favorite topic of discussion among youngsters along with different groups of people of all ages. What is love? Love is mix of emotions, love is care, and love is a strong feeling of affection, belongingness, protection, forgiving. Not just this, it has much more to it. When someone asks you what love is, we often have one common answer that it is a human emotion. Not just humans, love can be applied to non-living things as well.

Let’s talk about ways to practice love:
· Have a sense of care, belongingness
· Let your special ones know that you care
· Have a quality to forgive or forget
· Be a good listener
· Apologize when you have done something wrong
What is love? A complex but beautiful emotion with unconditional love also being passionate about the other person. Love is sometimes said to be an inspiration or a motivational feeling that brings the best version of you and ensures to make you a better person day to day to spread more love and affection to the people you love. When asked “What is love” for some people LOVE is the best emotion and even the strongest one. Love is all about making sacrifices in life to strengthen the roots of beautiful relations. It is well said that love is unpredictable. There are chances more likely to even being loved by people who you don’t like.
One can buy anything loyalty, compassion, attention, affection but love cannot be bought. Often said love is being the one who is able to accept the people for who they are, accepting your partner’s demerits, and accepting them the way they are is LOVE. The power of love is eternal.

People choose love over money
You believe in yourself, have patience and want to bring change in the era. Want to be kind enough to forgive or to let go and overcome negative experience what we encounter in our daily life. Above all one positive thing that changes our mind is “the feeling of being loved” or “to love unconditionally”. Love is something is which is build overtime between the two souls and grows older with time. To love or being loved is the best feeling ever.
Signs of True Love
· Happiness
· Mental and emotional satisfaction
· Pain
· Sacrifices
· Efforts
· Making Promises
· Attention
· Affection
· Protection
· Care
Love is something we all want madly and deeply but there is a lot what takes to have “Love”
What is Love: More than a true feeling of being loved it is a choice that we make to ourselves. Commonly when you talk to someone about love, they often think of hugs, kisses, getting intimate, holding hands, but my dear LOVE IS BEYOND THAT. When you love someone without a reason and have faith in them, love them without conditions, it’s just enough to be with them sometimes. Love make you a joyful person with a big heart.
One of the most frequently asked question with lot many answers, but on real grounds Love is something which cannot be defined ever. There are people who try to make definitions of love or even try to let everyone know what love is that is based on their feelings. But it is well said “Love is a decision of our life which we make”. Love is the purest feeling one can have. Loving someone with passion, affection and with all your hearts always make you feel good and let you be the best version of you.
Love unconditionally | be with your loved ones with all your heart.

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