What is One Side Love? A Detailed Guide

One Side Love

One side of love is one of the most amazing and confusing feelings. Whereas, love is a beautiful emotion that originates feelings that you never felt before. You begin to feel excited, joyful, childish, and many other feelings that cannot be explained by words.
Are you a one-sided lover? Do you love someone who doesn’t know about your feelings? Then I can understand what you are going through. One side of love sometimes seems impossible. You don’t know whether to express your feeling or just kept it a secret.
I have heard many one-sided love stories. Before moving forward first we understand the term one-sided love.

You love someone who doesn’t feel the same is considered as one-sided love. It is also a kind of attraction to someone but this will be considered true love.
The person has hope that his or her love will experience the same feeling one day and love him or her back the same way. Your partner may not understand your feeling if he/ she is dealing with other partners.
When your partner loves someone else and you can’t able to express your feelings to them. This phase is most difficult. Even you love your partner but they kept you in the friend’s zone. This hurts and you can’t do anything.
In some cases, the person you have fallen for is not the exact match for you. He/she might live in a different city or country, and you may be too young or old for the match. In some cases, they will not get a match because of society.
One of my friends has encountered this type of feeling but he doesn’t accept it. So, here are some signs of a one-sided love that will help you to recognize your feelings.
Signs of one-sided love:
1. You may feel disappointed because you do everything for them but in return, you didn’t get anything.
2. Your partner seems perfect for you. You didn’t see any mistakes in them and even you always justify their mistakes.
3. You give full attention and priority to them in your life and start neglecting your other responsibilities.
4. You start imaging your partner with you every time.
5. To meet your partner, you make excuses because the feeling of just seeing her/him will makes your day.
6. You kept thinking about the partner, even they show the signs of not interested in you. You just keep hoping one day, they realize your feelings.
7. Through social media platforms you keep stalking them and noticing their every post and status.
8. You easily get depressed when your partner starts ignoring you or can’t able to text you back.
9. You continuously think and talk about your partner with friends.
10. You always initiate the conversation with your partner.
These are the signs of one-sided love. Yes, this love is indeed hurtful because you don’t know about their feeling and you keep wasting your time as well as energy on them. But this feeling does not that bad when you try to make this love work for you.
One thing I love the most is one-sided love that it will long laster if not expressed and kept as a secret for a lifetime. You have seen many movies that are based on one-sided love stories. Few movies conclude by setting them together and few movies by setting them apart.
So, enjoy your life as you want. If you think, proposing to your partner will set you apart then you should keep your relation as friends. If you are confident enough then go ahead and propose to your partner and start your love life.
Best wishes and happy life ahead!

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